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Real Game of Life Exhibition

6pm – 9pm Thurs 13 and Fri 14 October

MediaLab, Space Studios, 129—131 Mare Street, London E8 3RH

Openlab Workshops and SPACE Studios invite everyone to an exhibition of the Real Game of Life Project, an ongoing series of weekly making sessions where a collective of artists took on the task of creating an interactive exhibition of digital “creatures” with artificial emotions, communicating with the human world through lights, sounds and Twitter. Part art project, part communal crafting excercise, it could be described as both a conceptual work of art and a collection of “Tamagotchis on steriods”. Come see for yourself.

More information on the exhibition is available here.

Read more about The Real Game of Life project here.

The workshop has been continually documented on the live blog: http://lifeproject.spacestudios.org.uk/

Real Game of Life Project

I’m very excited to have joined Evan Raskob’s collaborative workshop, The Real Game of Life at Hackney’s Space Studios. Evan of Openlab Workshops has brought together a team of artists to realise John Conway’s classic Game of Life as a physical installation of robotic creatures.

Over the coming weeks the group shall work together at Space Studios building and programming. Using pervasive technologies such as RFID, Twitter, Arduino, digital sound and LED lighting, the collective will create an ecosystem of little machines that live, grow, reproduce, communicate and die with one another. The machines will need tending by humans (“machine husbandry”), encouraging an evolutionary process of genetic algorithms embedded in the creatures. If left alone, the creatures will die of neglect and loneliness. By interacting with this small slice of digital ecology in a public exhibition, people will be able to draw their own conclusions about our complex and interdependent relationship between technology and the “natural” world.

More information on the project can be found here and a blog documenting the progress of the project can be viewed here.